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Want to take your teaching skills to the next level?

Join our global community of educators and learn how to implement Finnish-style, play-based learning with our digital teacher training program! Register now to find out more about the HEI Schools Teacher Diploma.

HEI Schools Teacher Diploma

We offer an international teacher training program for any nursery/preschool/school teacher looking to develop as an early childhood educator.

The course, developed by Professor Lasse Lipponen from the University of Helsinki and the HEI Schools pedagogical team, is designed for educators who wish to acquire a deeper understanding of the Finnish play-based pedagogy. 

You will receive a diploma upon completion.

In this course, we offer:


  • Engaging reading materials

  • Practical work-related assignments (also applicable if not currently teaching)

  • Insightful articles and other academic reading material

  • Helpful videos with subtitles*

  • Peer sharing within the active online community

  • Live Q&A sessions monthly with HEI Schools pedagogical team

10 modules with different topics

All modules focus on different aspects of ECE, including topics such as play and learning, special needs and inclusion or working with families.

Over 30 practical assignments

The program includes over 30 assignments. Some of them are very practical, like planning activities to do with children, while some are more reflective in nature.

A community of over 200 educators

The Diploma community is over 200 people strong, with users logging in from over 35 different countries every day.



Online Diploma


Practical Classroom Learning + Online Diploma

Who can benefit from the Teacher Diploma?

  • ECE Professionals looking to specialize

  • Homeschoolers

  • Education entrepreneurs





The HEI Teacher Diploma program already has:


Nararat Vachiramanapo, Thailand

I enjoy the HEI Teacher Certificate Program as it's well-designed and easy to follow even for someone who has no foundation in early childhood pedagogy. The program has guided me through important aspects of play-based learning step by step with practical assignments and ideas that could be used in real-life situations

Testimonial Pic Bianca de Cassia 120x120.png

Bianca De Cassia, Canada

I feel confident taking the course even though I'm working full-time position simply because the platform is so awesome and practical and I can do it all at my own pace. I also love the fact that I can apply all the methods I'm learning with the kids I work with and improve our daily routines.

Testimonial Pic Randy Matito 120x120.png

Randy Matito, Vietnam

I like HEI School because it has the highest standards of safety and education. I have been teaching preschoolers for nine years and counting, and never in my entire career have I experienced this way of training.


How Children Learn

Deepen your understanding of the milestones of human development, learn pedagogical methods to support holistic development and to promote second language learning.


Meet Professor Lasse Lipponen

Professor of Education in the Faculty of Educational Sciences at University of Helsinki



First Prize in Future Learning Environment, an educational technology competition at University of Helsinki (1999)

Recipient of Good Teacher award at the University of Helsinki (2008)

Author of over 100 research articles on teaching and learning with a focus on empathy, compassion, play and organizational development

Prof. Lipponen’s development and research work has been funded by: 

  • European Union

  • Singapore Ministry of Education

  • Lien Foundation Singapore

  • Academy of Finland

  • Aaltonen Foundation

  • The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation

  • Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture

  • Finnish National Agency for Education

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