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HEI Schools is a leader in bringing Finnish-style early education to the world. The University of Helsinki is a founding partner of HEI Schools

With decades of research and development, Finland has very high learning outcomes.

Power of curiousness and creativity leads to new innovative ways of thinking and doing.

We understand how children learn. Motivation to learn stems from one’s own interests -excitement feeds learning and opens the mind to new information.

Play, Learn & Grow

Certification Program

Work, Participate, or Invest


Holistic learning and development

We view children as unique individuals with their own ideas, thoughts and needs and we therefore prioritize children’s wellbeing, both physical and emotional, along with building their competencies. We foster their participation and autonomy, teach them how to take care of themselves and others and develop their social-emotional abilities so that they learn the skills for life.


Multilingual and Interactive Learning Environment

English, French and Arabic languages are promoted in our nursery/preschool naturally on a daily basis through songs and stories

Message from HEI HQ-Finland

CEO/Milla Kokko

Partnerships & Sales Manager/Tiina Daifi

Message from the Embassy of Finland

Ambassador/Laura Kansikas-Debraise


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